Here to Handle Your IT

With aariv-soft, you’ll have a team of hands-on technology experts with a proactive approach who will happily roll up their sleeves to tackle your toughest IT challenges when they arise – 24/7. When you need help handling your networks, hardware, software, and cloud services, we’ll be there for you. On-site and on-demand.



Skilled & Knowledgeable

BLooking to hand off your stress load to experienced IT experts? You’ve found the right team. Interplay is one of the longest-standing Managed Services Providers in the Seattle area. That’s right, we’ve been open longer than CenturyLink Field… and all that time we’ve been specializing in IT systems just like yours.

Our Values

Not just words on a wall (though we do have those), these are values that define how we view all of our relationships.

 People First  Integrity  Excellence
 Ownership  Growth Mindset  Teamwork

Dedicated to Your Success

We are sincerely invested in the success of your business, and we believe that technology should be built in service to your greater goals.

With a dedicated Onboarding team, Client Success department, and Projects division, we’ve structured our company with our clients’ success at heart.

A Team of Experts

Executech clients are supported by a dedicated team of Service Desk consultants and depending on your package, a Senior Engineer who will understand your team and network.

You are backed by a team of over 100 certified technical experts across the West with the expertise of a dozen enterprise-level IT departments at an affordable price.

Team of Experts


Defy the Average

We are not your average IT organization. We strive to defy the perception of the stiff, closeted, IT person.

When we hire technicians for our team, we look for individuals who stand out. Our team is made of not just great technical experts but great individuals who will bring a friendly and personal touch to their work.

Proactive vs. Reactive

We seek to understand your organization’s unique objectives and processes and strive to find great technology tools to help. Our model is to always provide proactive management of a computer network.

We want to stop problems before they happen and build solutions that will last for the long term. We don’t believe in Band-Aid fixes.



Expectations about where, when and how we work have changed

We know our people thrive when their daily experience matches what they value and makes them happy — meaningful relationships, a balanced workload, support for flexibility, and a sense of purpose and belonging. We envision a future where our people can make customer-like choices, supported by consumer-grade technology, to build a personalized career experience at every stage of their life, with the ability to continually make adjustments as their lives evolve. That’s why we’ve announced My+: a $2.4 billion investment to reimagine our people experience and bring our vision for the future of work to life.

How we support our people

Our new people experience, My+, is an extension of our New Equation strategy – to help our clients build trust and deliver sustained outcomes. Our people are the heartbeat of our firm, and we’ve taken the necessary time to listen to our people, ask them questions to better understand their evolving wants and needs.

As such, our My+ people strategy is grounded in flexibility and choice. We’re building a future where our people personalize their careers – from choosing the assignments they work on, the hours they work, where they work, the benefits they need – all tailor-made to support their development, well-being, sense of purpose and ambitions.


Started as a team of two passionate young individuals and now we deliver amazing user experiences through technology to the people who trusted us around the globe. Being the tech specialists, we create solutions that allow you to do it all in an easy and seamless manner. Be with us to grow together.


Our people will be supported by different career paths, development curricula and pay, including longer-term incentives, and protected time off to recharge between workload or career sprints.


Our people will have greater opportunities to grow, to practice new skills, and to then work on different teams and new assignments of interest. We will elevate leadership and coaching skills for everyone at all levels.

Total Rewards

Our people easily access and choose from a menu of benefits and perks, with options for every stage of their life and career, that support their physical and mental health, financial, social, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Always a Aariv-Soft

Our people can pursue professional paths that excite them — whether that’s inside or outside our firm, and we will invest in the incredible community of individuals who have worked at Aariv-Soft.